Gallery: Youth Auction Livestock at the Saline Community Fair

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 08/31/2018 - 01:49
Auctioneer Lorne Heller conducts an auction while some of the livestock show participants cheer on the bidders.

For some, the Saline Community Fair is about the carnival. For others, it's about the tractor pulls. Others might appreciate the elephant ears and other tasty treats.

But for the local youth who show their animals, the fair is a chance to earn a return on the time and energy spent raising livestock.

Thursday night, farmers, business owners, school district leaders and politicians crowded the stands in "Building B" at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds as the Saline Junior Livestock Association held the annual Livestock Sale. Youth from the livestock clubs auctioned nine steers, 11 feeder calves, 22 pigs and 20 lambs.

"I think we had one of our best years," said auctioneer Loren Heller. "Once everyone finished off their ice cream, the bids really started coming fast."

Saline Area Schools Superintendent Scot Graden and Saline High School Principal David Raft were emcees.

Here are the winners from livestock clubs' shows:

Saline Pig Club

Junior Showmanship - Maximus Girbach

Intermediate Showmanship – Trevor Rothfuss

Senior Showmanship – Ethan Hoelzer

Rate of Gain – Sarah Rickard

Champion Individual – Lane Smith

Reserve Champion Individual – Ethan Hoelzer

Champion Pair – Ashton Drake

Reserve Champion Pair – Annie Rothfuss


Saline Feeder Calf Club

Junior Showmanship – Blake Rentschler

Intermediate Showmanship – Jackson Schaible

Senior Showmanship – Natalie Sweetland

Highest Daily Gain – Natalie Sweetland

Grand Champion Feeder Calf – Alexis Compton

Reserve Champion Feeder Calf – Bradley Sweetland


Saline Steer Club

Intermediate Showmanship – Daniel Caroen

Senior Showmanship – Autumn Studnicka

Champion Showmanship – Daniel Caroen

Highest Daily Gain – Kyle Wenk

Champion Red – Daniel Caroen

Reserve Champion Red – Shelby Compton

Champion Black – Autumn Studnicka

Reserve Champion Black – Kyle Wenk

Grand Champion Steer – Autumn Studnicka

Reserve Champion Steer – Daniel Caroen


Saline Lamb Club

Junior Showmanship – Allison Finkbeiner

Intermediate Showmanship – Hailey Malinczak

Senior Showmanship – Amanda Jedele

Rate of Gain – Cody Roehm

Champion Lamb – Allison Finkbeiner

Reserve Champion Lamb – Andrew Finkbeiner

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