Gordon Family Has Farmed in Saline Since 1881

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 03/14/2019 - 14:09
Pictured: Front row left to right: Luke Piper, Jenni Piper, Emma Dassance, Abby Dassance, Haley Dassance, Logan Dassance, (The Sign), Jessica Gordon, Marian Gordon, Troy Gordon, Ronan Gordon. Second Row left to right: Riley Piper, Grant Piper, Trent Piper, The Sign, Judy Gordon, Phil Gordon, Nick Gordon, Wyatt Gordon. (Photo courtesy of Michigan Farm Bureau)

Gordon Valley Farm in Saline is owned by Phil and Judy Gordon. Other family members involved in the farm are Nick and Troy Gordon when time allows. The farm was founded on November 31, 1881 by David and John Gordon Farms. One generation works the farm fulltime and a second generation farms part time. The Gordons grow corn, wheat and soybeans. In the past the farm had a dairy with up to 180 cows and raised replacements as well as raising feed for cattle.

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