Pleger Aims for NCAA Championship at Bowling Green

 07/18/2014 - 22:24

Brooke Pleger competes in the hammer throw for Bowling Green University. Pleger was MAC champion and third in the NCAA in the event last year. (Photo courtesy BGSU Athletic Communications Office)

Saline High School graduate Brooke Pleger, an all-American hammer thrower studying at Bowling Green University, is featured in the Sentinal-Tribune of Bowling Green.

Kevin Gordon’s piece retells the story of Pleger's disappointment when a Saline track and field coach sent the want-to-be-sprinter to the throwing area to compete in discus and shot put.

"I was insulted. I couldn't believe it," said Pleger, who admitted she wasn't a great sprinter. "I'm a freshman in high school, and in my head, the throwers were unathletic. They got sent there because they can't do anything else and they must have thought I was unathletic. But I quickly learned throwers were athletic."

Pleger is a two-time All American in the hammer throw for Bowling Green. According to Gordon’s story, she’s got a chance to be NCAA champion next year. Last year, she was third.


Tran Longmoore
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