Snooze2You Still Projects Saline-Plymouth Playoff Opener

 10/19/2015 - 00:31

Saline (8-0) would host Plymouth (6-2) to open the playoffs Oct. 30 if projections from a popular high school football website hold up.'s latest "mapetology" projection has Saline, with 107 playoff points, as the top team in Division 1, Region 2, District 2. Belleville (7-1, 94 playoff points) would host Pioneer (6-2, 81.625 points) in the other district. Pioneer lost to Chelsea, 9-7, on Friday.

In the other region's other district, Northville (8-0) would host Detroit Catholic Central (6-2) and Brighton (7-1) would host Canton (6-2). 

All the teams in Saline's projected region have six wins and clinched their playoff spots. There are several nearby five-win teams (Hartland, Howell, Fordson) who could could lose and redraw the picture.

Should the projection hold, the Hornets could have projection through the district final. However, Northville, based on strength of schedule, has a one point lead in the playoff point standings and would have homefield advantage in the regional final -- should the two teams make it that far. That, of course, also assumes Northville wins its final regular season game against Grand Blanc (4-4). 

It's quite likely Saline won't have a game Friday. The team from Newmarket, Ontario, that was originally scheduled decided they weren't making the trip. Saline head coach Joe Palka said the team has been unable to line up an opponent. The team has set a Monday deadline for its week nine opponent search.

Tran Longmoore
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