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 07/04/2014 - 03:59

A few weeks ago I laid out the special seniors of the class of 2014

  • Jay Banet
  • Sam Coon
  • Michael Barnett
  • Michael Hendrickson
  • Dom DiMelis
  • Nader El-Awar

After taking a lot of extra time to mull this over I have finally figured it out

The final 3

Sam Coon was a senior on the girl’s basketball team that I was lucky enough to be an assistant coach this year under Jeff Waltz.  A dynamic athlete with a nonstop motor, she was a pleasure to know and to coach.

Michael Barnett was a second year varsity baseball player (3 if you include he was brought up for the 2012 playoffs) that I had the pleasure to work with regularly.  A very interesting character and a true blue (no pun) Michigan fan, Michael was a treasure to have discussions about athletics at all levels and teams.

Jay Banet was a senior that I met the summer before his freshman year through Randy Dunny.  For 4 years we roamed the sidelines of Saline Football, over 40 games of doing stats together.  Add in sharing duties working the clock, book or other duties at various athletic events.  A bond that transcended the age difference which created the ability to be aware of the others next moves. 

So as I further described and thought about the final 3 special seniors of 2014 it becomes increasingly more difficult to choose.  So many conversations, discussions and even debates between these 3 and me make my position with Saline Athletics so much more special.  So since I have been asked repeatedly since the first article about a group of 2014 seniors who is my favorite of the class of 2014.  It appears I must make that decision and make it public.

The senior for 2014:

Jay Banet