Gallery: Saline Grads Gather for Alumni Banquet

 06/30/2014 - 03:20

Members of the Class of 1964 pose for a picture in the gym at Liberty School. They gathered for their 50th reunion and the annual Saline High School Alumni banquet Saturday.


Joe Bondie graduated from Saline High School in 1934. Macy Holmberg graduated 80 years later.

Both were among the graduates in attendance at the 123rd annual Saline High School alumni banquet, held Saturday night in the cafeteria at Liberty School.

The Hornet alumni enjoyed a buffet style dinner which included ham, turkey, lasagna, salad and more. Old friends reunited and went reminisced during a social hour and after dinner. The group even sang the fight song one more time.

36 members of the class of 1964, along with guests, attended the alumni banquet to celebrate their 50th anniversary of their graduation.

Joe Burkhart, senior class president in 1964, spoke to his classmates and the other alumni in attendance. He said the diploma from Saline High School opened up the doors to work, college and the military – and he gave special thanks to anyone who served in the military during the “Vietnam” era. He said that most members of the class had raised families and are now enjoying retirement.

“Some of us are still working. And you need to keep paying into social security, so we get the money,” he joked. “And you younger folks, I don’t know.”

Burkhart said a lot has changed since 1964. One constant, however, is the need to educate the community’s youth.

“Our education has been an important stepping stone in our lives and to help those who follow, the class of 1964 will donate $1,700 to the (alumni) scholarship fund,” Burkhart said.

This year’s alumni scholarship, which is presented to a graduate who has a parent who also graduated from Saline High, was presented to Macy Holmberg.

Holmberg’s grandfather, Larry Hieber, noted that Macy was the fourth generation of the family to graduate from Saline Area Schools, and that each generation graduated from a different building.

“My mom and dad graduated out of Union High School. My wife and myself graduated out of Liberty. My daughter graduated out of what is now the middle school. And my granddaughter graduated of the new high school. So four generations, four different schools,” Hieber said.

Holmberg has been involved in song and dance. She’s performed in musicals, sang in the concert choir, chamber choir, and 10 Tones. Holmberg also played basketball and was a member of two district-champion soccer teams. She earned a scholar-athlete award and was a four-year honor roll student. She graduated with highest honors and will study education at the University of Michigan.

Holmberg thanked the alumni for the scholarship and said she was glad to represent her family through the award.

Casey Schukow, last year’s recipient who studies and plays football at Hillsdale College, also thanked the alumni for their award.

“Thank you so much for choosing to receive the scholarship last year. It was a really big help,” Schukow said.

Saline Mayor Brian Marl, member of the class of 2003, shared remarks about the progress made in the city and the school district this year.

The class of 1959, which had 59 members, had about 15 members in attendance. The class of 1949, which had 33 members, had 33 members, had six members in attendance. Holmberg was the only one of 441 members of the class of 2014 to attend.

The Class of 1964 began their studies at Union School. According to members of the class, they were the only Saline High School class to spend five years at Liberty School, having spent eighth grade there, too. The Class of 1964 Washington D.C. and New York City for the World’s Fair. The class flower was the white rose.

Asked to describe any great class pranks, Burkhart declined.

“What happened at Saline High School, stays at Saline High School,” he said.


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