Lansing State Journal: Bredernitz Sentenced 25-32 Years

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 11/10/2014 - 18:29

Tyrel Bredernitz, 18, was sentenced to 25-38 years in prison for his role in the February killing of a Dustyn Frolka, a 19-year-old former Michigan State Student, according to the Lansing State Journal.

(Video courtesy of Lansing State Journal)

In September the Saline Area Schools graduate pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. 

Bredernitz, Brendan Heim, 17, and Samantha Grigg, 18, admitted they planned to rob Frolka, a known drug dealer. They drove him around the Lansing area to obtain money. Along I-69 in Bath Township, Heim began beating Frolka with brass knuckles in the backseat. Frolka then apparently jumped out of the vehicle on to the highway where he was left to die.

For more, see the story on the Lansing Street Journal.


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