Saline Mayoral Election: Advocating on Social Issues

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 10/18/2012 - 04:00

Today we ask Saline's mayoral candidates Brian Marl and Glenn Law about handling social issues that periodically come before city council

Readers can see the candidates side-to-side at 7 p.m., Oct. 22 at Liberty School, where the Saline Coalition for a Quality Community will host an election forum.

Here is today's question:

What role should the Mayor play when it comes to advocating on larger social issues that periodically come before city council?

Brian Marl

I am very comfortable advocating for and talking about state and federal issues that directly impact city government and its ability to provide much-needed services; however, it is my inclination to avoid hot-button issues if they are not relevant to municipal business.

Glenn Law

Taking up a cause or advocating for a certain group can become divisive and unduly cause friction in a community. Picking up a larger social issue in many cases does not belong at city council. If we support or take up one social issue what's preventing a group with an opposing view from demanding the same thing? It's a matter the mayor should generally stay away from or at the very least tread very carefully through.  

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