Saline Mayoral Election: Funding the Rec Center

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 10/16/2012 - 01:30

Today we ask Saline's mayoral candidates Brian Marl and Glenn Law about the Saline Rec Center.

Readers can see the candidates side-to-side at 7 p.m., Oct. 22 at Liberty School, where the Saline Coalition for a Quality Community will host an election forum.

Here is today's question:

The Saline Rec Center provides great programming for local families. But it also costs the city money. Should the city continue to partially fund the Rec Center from the general fund? Tell us your thoughts. 

Brian Marl

Our exceptional parks and recreation services and programs are something I am very proud of as a Saline resident, and I firmly believe that city government should continue to support those programs. People rely on the Rec Center as a social and community center, and for their health needs, and I believe that city government must continue to support the Center in the foreseeable future. As mayor, I would reconvene the Recreation Center Task Force, which I served on in 2010-2011, to consider ways to make the Rec Center more financially sound. The Rec Center will never be revenue  neutral, but I believe city government should work toward a more sustainable model. 

This could be a great opportunity to create or develop new partnerships to reduce costs  and eliminate redundancies, and I am open to creative ways to make that happen.

Glenn Law

I believe the city should continue to fund the rec center from the general fund, but at lesser amounts over the course of time. The rec center staff have done a great job over the years in finding innovative ways to raise money and become less reliant on city funds. However, I feel the rec center should become even more self sufficient where eventually city funding should stop. 

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