Saline Mayoral Election: Representing the City

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 10/19/2012 - 11:00

Today we ask Saline's mayoral candidates Brian Marl and Glenn Law about how they'll represent the city. Saline's Mayor is paid a shade over $4,000 annually for what can be an extremely time consuming job.

Readers can see the candidates side-to-side at 7 p.m., Oct. 22 at Liberty School, where the Saline Coalition for a Quality Community will host an election forum.

Here is today's question:

Mayor Driskell represented the city at state and national conferences, on regional boards, and at local events and business openings. Tell us how you see yourself representing the city. 

Glenn Law

I would attend events and meetings that would involve or impact the city of Saline. My duty is to act as a representative for the city and it's citizens. I do not have any higher political aspirations so my duties and representations would only revolve around those as mayor.   

Brian Marl

Our current Mayor does a great job of remaining active in our community and outside of it, and if elected I have every intention of doing the same. A huge part of the position of mayor is serving as a booster and ambassador for your community, and that can be as important as many other responsibilities of the job. Although I may not take as active a role nationally, I intend to be very active at the county, regional and state levels.

I have been proud to be very involved with programs through the Michigan Municipal League (MML), the statewide organization of municipal leaders. Participating actively in those programs has been very beneficial to me as a City Council member, as learning from the successes and challenges of other communities can directly benefit our community. If elected mayor, I will serve as President of the Southeastern Region for the MML.

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