Reception for Saline Artist Jill Stefani Wagner Friday at Two Twelve Arts Center

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 03/04/2016 - 04:59

Two Twelve Arts Center hosts a reception for artist of the month Jill Stefani Wagner from 7 to 9 p.m., Friday.

Wagner is celebrating her exhibit, Our Town, Our Lane – Painting Saline.

Wagner, a Saline resident, is a nationally recognized, award-winning artist who works in both pastel and oil. She loves to paint our local surroundings. Over the years she has created hundreds of studio and plein air paintings depicting Saline’s downtown and nearby farmlands. 

Wagner’s primary focus is always “the light” and how it affects the scene she is trying to capture. She approaches her paintings as a sculptor would, carving out nuances of highlight and shadow. Come by 212 , Friday evening from 7-9pm for Jill's reception and celebrate our little slice of heaven in Saline!

Two Twelve Arts Center is located at 216 W. Michigan Ave.

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