Class Teaches Youth to Breathe to Reduce Stress, Strengthen Attention

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 09/15/2015 - 18:03

Still Waters is now offering "Learning to Breathe," a mindfulness based group for children and teenagers. Learning to Breathe is a research-based curriculum that seeks to help youth gain important life skills to reduce stress, enhance emotion regulation, strengthen attention, and foster greater self-awareness. In sports, a person develops physical strength and expertise. In mindfulness practice, a person develops inner strength. This is the basis of each session.

Teens will be exposed to new ways of paying attention, sustaining attention, listening to what their body is saying, examining their own thoughts objectively, and increasing empathy for others. Through interactive games, opportunity for open discussions, and take-aways each week,  teens will learn to be happier, and healthier, and more mindful. For added value, parents will receive 3 sessions of training in mindfulness to understand and support what their children are learning, as well as use these skills for their own benefit.

Teen groups will be led by Bridget Rothenberger, a graduate of the Clinical Health Psychology Program at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and a trained facilitator of the Learning to BREATHE curriculum. Parent orientation & parent groups will be facilitated by Dr. Smita Nagpal, a Licensed Psychologist who has been leading mindfulness groups and workshops for over 6 years.  All sessions will be held at Still Waters Counseling, 137 Keveling Drive, every Monday from October 12th – Nov 16th. You may call 734-944-3446 or email [email protected] with questions or to reserve your spot.   

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