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 08/03/2015 - 15:34

One of my favorite places in Saline is the lunch counter left of the entrance (when facing the street) at Carrigan Café. It's a great perch for drinking coffee and working while watching the action in downtown Saline.

Back when it was My Favorite Café, I used to enjoy the $5 sandwich specials. Well, truthfully, the sandwiches weren't all that enjoyable. But you could get a coffee, sandwich, chips and water and leave a fair tip for $8.

Karen Carrigan's South Ann Arbor Street café isn't so inexpensive. But the sandwiches are better. So far my favorite is The Stoat -- grilled corned beef, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing. I take the coleslaw on the side. It's served on a grilled marble rye bread - and you can taste the rye. It's served with a pickle spear.

Together with a rich French roast coffee (large - I take it to go), lunch will run you $9.50, plus any tip you leave.

Considering you can sit there using Karen's Wi-Fi and sipping coffee at your leisure, it's a good deal. For some reason, if you're bored by Ann Arbor Street pedestrians or your social media feeds, check out all the art around the café. This month's art, courtesy of Two Twelve Arts Center, features the work of youngsters.



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