Employee Accused of 'Stunning' Ex-Lover at JAC Products

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 05/26/2016 - 16:31

A 22-year-old Detroit woman may face charges after allegedly using a stun gun in an assault on a co-worker at JAC Products in Saline.

The Saline Police Department was dispatched to the plant at 225 S. Industrial Drive around 3:45 May 24.

The victim, a 21-year-old woman from Ypsilanti, told police she was walking in to work with a co-worker when another co-worker came up to them and stunned her with a stun gun. The woman said she was stunned three times. She threw punches to fight off the attack and eventually put the aggressor in a headlock.

The woman who walked in with the Ypsilanti woman corroborated this story.

The Detroit woman, staffed at JAC Product through Belflex Staffing, told police that she had been in a relationship with the Ypsilanti woman, who recently broke it off. She claimed the Ypsilanti woman had started to antagonize her and that she felt intimidated.

In contrast to the stories provided by the victim and a witness, the Detroit woman said the Ypsilanti woman started the altercation by hitting her. She said she used the stun gun when she realized the Ypsilanti woman was getting the better hand.

Police confiscated her stun gun.

A warrant request will be sent to the prosecutor’s office.

Online Scam

A 73-year-old Saline main called police after his wife fell victim to an online credit card scam.  The 65-year-old woman said her computer alerted her to security issues. She went through a security verification program and provided credit card information. About 10 minutes later a credit card company called to ask about a $650 charge on his account.

Theft at Sprint Store

A Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was reported stolen from the Sprint Store May 15. Around 6:10 p.m. a man came and looked at the device. When he left, employees noticed it was missing. The phone is worth $739.

The man was described as a white male in his 30s. He is bald with a reddish/auburn mustache and a tattoo on his upper arm.

Teen Arrested for Trespassing

A 16-year-old Saline teenager accused of trying to kick and chase birds at Heritage Elementary School was arrested for trespassing the next day.

On May 16, the teenager was ordered off school property for trying to kick and chase birds. He was arrested for being a minor in possession of tobacco. Police told him to stay away from the school.

On May 17 school officials called police when the teenager returned.

Police later found him walking down the street in his subdivision, wearing an outfit described by the school official. He was arrested for trespassing. The suspected told police he would ignore the trespass order because it's a "free country."


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