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 04/27/2018 - 00:20
Jerry Doty and Mary Bernhart starred in the Saline Area Players Production of Murder for Dummies.

Murder for Dummies seemed darker than your average Saline Area Players production. The comedy-mystery, written by Pat Cook, was directed by Wendy Sielaff and produced by Sara Honsowetz, running at the Fifth Corner Teen Center April 12-14.

Jerry Doty starred as Myron Bernhart, a hen pecked, meek man who collects rare books. He purchases "Murder for Dummies," a how-to murder manual, and begins plotting the death of his bossy wife, Marge, played by Mary Rumman.

Doty settles on a plan to poison his wife's drink. But, of course, the plans go awry. His wife's friend sips from the drink meant for his wife, and she dies. The death introduces even more unwanted characters in Bernhart's life.

But the play was more about the laughs than the mystery. The cast delivered many. And the surprise ending took a lot of darkness out of this "black comedy."

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