Public Invited to Bid on 'Inspired Landscapes' at March 9 Artis Gras

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 03/02/2019 - 14:25

Salt Valley Arts (SVA) is inviting art enthusiasts to attend its annual community event and bid on original artwork in a fundraiser for the Center. 

The Arti Gras 2019 Inspired Landscapes party and silent auction will take place 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, March 9 at the Center, 400 W. Russell Street in Saline.

Forty-eight artists (both SVA members and non-members) are creating 2-D and 3-D art for the auction, working in many different media, including oils, watercolor, pastels, weaving, jewelry, quilting, collage, needle felting, and more.

To begin, local photographers submitted 32 “Inspired Landscape” photographs taken in a wide variety of locations all over Michigan, plus Yellowstone and Arches National Parks, Cape Cod, Arizona, and the Indian Himalayas. The photos are on display at the Center now through February 2019. 

“Each photo is for inspiration only, and everyone is inspired differently,” said Cindy Baxter, the artist and photographer who conceived of the event. “Inspiration could come from the mood of the photo, or a color or colors, maybe a tree or land formation.” Artists then selected sealed packets, without first seeing the photo which would inspire them. All artists are donating their finished artwork to the fundraiser.

“We hope that guests will be generous as they bid on these beautiful pieces,” Baxter said. “The funds will be used to support our numerous activities, including a large variety of art classes for children and adults, special events that showcase creative talent, and service projects that benefit groups like Saline Area Social Service, Brecon Village, and the Redies Center.”

Salt Valley Arts is a 501(c)3 Michigan nonprofit that nurtures creativity in the individual and the local community. It provides engaging opportunities for learning, teaching, sharing and appreciating the arts. Evangelical Homes of Michigan-Senior Solutions is a generous supporter, leasing space on its campus to SVA for a nominal fee and providing refreshments for special events.


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Salt Valley Arts
Salt valley arts builds and nurtures the creativity of the individual and the local community; we provide engaging opportunities for learning, teaching, sharing and appreciating the arts. Salt Valley Arts arose in the Fall of 2016 as a result of the closing of the former art center in Saline (Two Twelve Arts Center). With only five months between the announcement and the closing of Two Twelve, a steering committee, working with several community representatives, located a new venue in which to teach our classes in the facility owned by EHM-Senior Solutions in Saline. Our space on 400 W. Russel provides 2,100 sq ft in which to teach and have events. It is leased from EHM-Senior Solutions for a minimal amount and EHM-Senior Solutions supports us by covering our facility expenses as well as providing parking and ADA accessible access to our space. EHM-Senior Solutions also houses a diverse community that has whole-heartedly embraced the arts. In addition to our public classes, we provide classes for EHM residents and their families. You'll find more information about our classes and events on ourwebsite

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