Reader Q & A: Schools of Rock Sellout, Consultant Pay

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 11/28/2012 - 11:25

From time to time you have a question about a Saline Post article or other around town.

The Saline Post will try to get answers.

Janet Miller was disappointed last year when she stood in line for the show but was turned away when the Saline Middle School auditorium reached capacity. She tried to buy tickets early this year, but not early enough. Tickets sold out within days of going on sale Oct. 1. Miller asked why the concert wasn't moved to a bigger venue.

Superintendent Scot Graden answered.

We did look at moving to (Saline High School) - there were availability issues on the 7th, so we would have had to move dates - which was an issue since tickets had been sold.  We went with assigned seats, which don't translate to another venue.  Additionally, we have aligned it with the Craft Show - too make is one big event. With all that being said, we have made the decision to move the event for next year and are looking at January dates at the Saline High School Auditorium.  So, the 2013 show - which may actually be in 2014 - will be at the biggest venue we have.

Cheryl Hieber wanted to know what the school district is paying Michael Wilmot,  CEO of the Michigan Leadership Institute, to help the strategic framework review along.

Superintendent Scot Graden answered.

We are paying MLI (Mike Wilmot) $2,500 for consulting services.

(Readers can ask questions at the end of articles or email them to [email protected])

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