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 06/18/2013 - 15:53

Are you looking for ways to live more attuned to the local environment? The Saline District Library’s “What’s in Season, Saline?” program might be just what you’re looking for.

The free program consists of six seminars, held at 6:30 p.m. every other Tuesday, from July 9 to Sept 24. The seminars are held in conjunction with the weekday Saline Farmers Market in the library’s parking lot.

That’s not a coincidence, said Katie Mitchell, the librarian who is organizing the program.

“It’s all about sustainable living. Supporting local farmers and businesses is a big part of that,” said Mitchell. “The more residents spend in their own community and the more they grow their own food, the healthier the community will be.”

When you buy produce from the Farmers Market, for example, you’re not wasting fuel by shipping something across the country. And, Mitchell said, locally produced food, whether it is from a farmers market or your own garden, tends to be healthier.

“If you’re growing your own food, it’s unlikely you’ll be making your own high fructose corn syrup,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said experts will be brought in for each session.

·         July 9 – Preserving the Harvest. What to do with an over abundance of produce.

·         July 23 – Honey. How to have your own honey pot.

·         Aug 13 – Backyard Composting. All worms are not created equal.

·         Aug. 27 – CSA. What is community supported agriculture.

·         Sept. 10 – Gardening. How to put your garden to bed for the season. Plus intro to herbs.

·         Sept. 24 – Farmers Market Shopping. How to shop all year, plus a dinner made with goods from the Saline Farmers Market.

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