At Workout1, Moving Makes You Feel Better

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 01/17/2018 - 00:35
Emily Rogers, owner of Workout 1, is pictured in her new 8,800 square-foot gym at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Industrial Drive.

There’s a simple idea that has fueled the growth of Workout1, the Saline fitness club started by Emily Rogers in 2010.

“I’m a firm believer in moving to feel better,” Rogers says.

These days, Rogers is feeling even better about her business, which recently moved from its location in the old Redies building in downtown Saline to a new home at 1408 E. Michigan Avenue.

Saturday, she was joined by staff, clients, family, friends, government officials and the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce as she celebrated the grand opening of her new home. She used the grand opening as a way to show off her club. Guests enjoyed free fitness classes and toured the facility to see what she offered.

There were a few factors behind Rogers’ move. For one, Klingelnberg purchased the Redies/Sun Engineering building from Andy Warner. That meant Rogers needed to find a new home. But that was something that was likely in the cards anyway.

Rogers started her fitness business in the downtown building in 2010. She’d already moved to bigger spaces within that building on two occasions. When she toured the building on the southeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Industrial Drive, she knew she’d found a new home.

“As soon as I saw the space I fell in love. This location is just what I needed. It's bigger. It's brighter. There's so much more we can do here,” Rogers said.

Her new space is 8,792 square feet. WIndows make up a substantial part of the north and east walls, so her new space is much brighter than her old location, which was a little dingy. The high ceilings also make the gym feel airy.

“I love the high ceilings and windows. Our clients love the new space, too. We’re getting great feedback,” Rogers said.

While she’ll miss being part of events like Winterfest in downtown Saline, she thinks that moving from the city center has its perks.

“Parking here is a little easier. It just seems a little more convenient,” Rogers said.

Workout1 serves “a couple hundred” members, Rogers said. It’s a class-based gym. People can buy monthly passes that entitle them to unlimited visits. Many buy punch cards, which entitle them to 5, 10, 20 or 30 visits a year. The buy and use as you go method is popular.

Typically, her classes have anywhere from 5 to 40 people. Rogers is helped by eight female instructors -- she’s still looking for the right male instructor.

She used to advertise her classes as bootcamp-style. But over time, she’s transitioned away from the label.

“When you hear bootcamp, I think some people imagine a drill sergeant screaming at you. Nobody yells here. We cheer. We encourage. We clap. We have a good time,” Rogers said.

The fun atmosphere and encouragement help Rogers deliver on Workout1’s promise.

“We’re about fitness for everyone. Everyone can move and make themselves feel better. So we have classes that are designed for people of all fitness levels,” Rogers said. “Anyone can come in, have fun, get in a good workout and feel better, no matter their fitness level.”


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