About 200 Visit Faithview Christmas Village in Saline Township

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 11/14/2017 - 01:28
Santa pets a real reindeer at Faithview Christmas Farms.

About 200 people visited Faithview Christmas Village on Arkona Road in Saline Township Saturday.

They visited a small craft show, enjoyed seasonal treats and visited Santa and his reindeer on the beautiful property overlooking a pond.

It was the second annual Christmas event on the property, owned by Mark and Judith Hinckley.

“Santa and his reindeer are looking forward to coming back next year and hopefully we will have even more to enjoy,” Judith Hinckley said.

The Hinckley’s built their home on Arkona Road 32 years ago.

“Back then money was right. So it was built on faith and the view was beautiful, hence the name ‘Faithview,’” Hinckley said.

The Hinckleys daughters and grandchildren helped with the event.

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