Friends Raising Money For Boyd Family After Unexpected Loss

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 04/26/2018 - 14:59

Saline resident, Katie Moore, is asking the community to help support her friend, Laurie Boyd and her four children, through a GoFundMe page.  Boyd recently lost her husband, Kevin, to an untimely and unexpected cardiac incident.

Moore said the donations would be used for immediate needs and to set up college funds for the children, Alexandar, Zachary, Elizabeth and Lily. A friend familiar with trust funds that works in the human resources department at the University of Michigan is helping to set up the accounts for all four children that are students at Woodland Meadows Elementary School.   

 Principal Michelle Szczechowicz said the school is doing everything possible to support the family. The children are enrolled in kindergarten through third grade. Services from the school social worker and caring alert teachers are there for the children.  She said, “Woodland Meadows is a family, and whenever one of our families is in need we come together to support them.”

Moore said one immediate need the widowed mother now faces is finding affordable childcare for the weekends, as she just started a new job after recently passing her nurse practitioner board exams.

Moore said Kevin Boyd was a hard worker and a happy family man that loved his children.  She said, “Any support to help reach the needed $7,500 goal would be appreciated.”

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