It's Official: City, Developers Close Deal for New Saline BW Premier Hotel

 03/01/2018 - 05:31
Site on which our new Best Western Hotels & Resorts Premier hotel is to be built, photographed about an hour after the property was purchased. © 2018 d2 Saline, All Rights Reserved. USA
Site on which our new Best Western Hotels & Resorts Premier hotel is to be built, photographed about an hour after the property was purchased. © 2018 d2 Saline, All Rights Reserved. USA

Right on schedule, official paperwork was signed and payment made yesterday for the purchase of land where our new Best Western Premier will be built.

Saline Lodging Group partners first pitched their concept for a Saline hotel to City Council during the summer of 2016. The City of Saline formally voted to green-light the project two months later.

Less than eighteen months later now, preparations for construction can properly get underway this month.

"Today 'The Hotel Story' can pivot from one of 'process' to 'planning,'" reported Mark Kuykendall, Saline Lodging Group managing partner.

"Of course that means moving forward with all the details of the build phase," he continued.

"But it also means quickly adding and then shifting to a mindset of marketing the hotel. Many of our important bookings for 2019 will be made in the upcoming months. Again, we can now 'officially' start working on that business."

A wide-range of other local stakeholders may want start thinking in these terms as well.

According to a 2016 Oxford Economics study, for every one dollar spent in a hotel on lodging, an additional $2.21 is spent at other area businesses — outside of and not affiliated with the hotel.

Until this morning you may have thought yesterday was just another Wednesday in Washtenaw County.

But now you know that the deal signed and sealed at Absolute Title in Ann Arbor on February 28 is projected to bring in excess of one million new dollars to Saline each quarter starting next year.

Saline City leadership and the developers alike share credit for making this happen here.

Saline 12 east by Janet Deaton
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noneofyourbusiness's picture

This hotel according to this article is going to bring in $1 million per quarter to Saline?? So, $4 million dollars per year will be coming to the City of Saline, local businesses and surrounding Saline area. I DONT THINK SO! SHOW ME THE PROOF WHEN THAT DOES HAPPEN! IT WON'T!This hotel will be lucky to be half full at times!!  This hotel will lucky to still be open in 10 years!! YOU CAN'T KEEP COMPETING WITH ANN ARBOR !

Saline 12 east by Janet Deaton's picture

Regarding the rest of your Comment, I obviously want to be accountable for what I've written. I provided specific numbers and cited source material. I signed my name to what I wrote.

Now it's here for readers to see today and to reference again once the hotel has been opened, then ten years after that — and beyond.

Welcome to The Saline Post!

noneofyourbusiness's picture

So, Saline 12 east, do  you agree with me those numbers just don't seem to make sense. You can't go by what people tell you in hopes of bring in that kind of money. $4 million a year to Saline is NOT going to happen. IF it did, then we don't need to pay for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This hotel is the solution for all of Saline's problems. The hotel will pay for everything for the city. NOT going to happen.

You people are all fooled by this government and the people investing in this hotel. IT will NOT be at full capacity. I don't see it being at capacity every single day. I don't see it at full capacity on the weekends other than Michigan football games. 

This is just another bad decision by our city leaders and its going to blow up in their face! 10 years and it will sit empty!!!

Ron Mexico's picture

"IF it did, then we don't need to pay for the Wastewater Treatment Plant."

I think you might be confusing additional revenue for area businesses with additional tax revenue for the city. Although it would be charitable of the area businesses to pool their newfound windfall of $4 million per year in incremental revenue and fund the repairs for the waste water treatment plant in only one year after the hotel opens.

noneofyourbusiness's picture

First off, the hotel is in a bad location. Not even near a highway. Its a minimum of 6 miles from the highway.

Second, there is NO parking downtown. As residents, we can barely find a place to park to eat downtown. Now, with a hotel, if guests want to go downtown to eat, they will get frustrated over not being able to find a place to park.  Didn't our Mayor back in 2012 state in his mayoral campaign he wanted to fix parking downtown? Been 6 years later and STILL NO parking fix!! Should fix parking FIRST before a hotel!!

Last, if I was a businessman or wanting to go to Ann Arbor for the game or anything and wanted to stay in a hotel. I would rather pay a little more and stay in Ann Arbor because  its closer to where I am going and there's more things to do in Ann Arbor.

*** Ann Arbor keeps building more and more hotels. NOT going to be good for Saline's little Best Western! STOP COMPETING WITH ANN ARBOR, YOU WON'T WIN