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 03/18/2019 - 00:02
The 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County present a check to $13,150 to Hope Dental Clinic.

Ladies of Washtenaw County...if you care about local community causes and are committed to making a difference, please consider joining 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County.   

Who we are: 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County is an organization to support non-profit agencies. Agencies located right here in Washtenaw County and serving Washtenaw County residents. Now nearly 200 women and growing, we all agree to donate $100, twice a year, to guide our vision of nonprofit support. We’d love to have you join our group.

How we work: At our bi-annual meetings, members are encouraged to submit the names of any non-profit organization in Washtenaw County.  Three organizations are selected at random. The three members who submitted the names of the organizations each have a five-minute window to tell the membership why they think the organization they recommended should receive the financial support of  100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw Washtenaw County. Once all three members have spoken, the group then votes by ballot to choose the recipient.

What we do: Members come to the meetings with their checkbooks, prepared to write a check for $100 to the selected charity. All donations are tax-deductible.

Things we’ve done: In the spring of 2018, we were able to present a donation to NAMI of Washtenaw County (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for $12,900. This was the largest one time donation they had ever received.  In the fall of 2018, we presented a donation in the amount of $13,150 to Hope Dental Clinic. This was the largest donation our organization has made to date!

Goals we have: The goal of our group is to continually welcome new members so we can in turn, make a significant financial impact on area non-profit agencies.  We recognize, that as women we are powerful, and as a group of women there is no stopping us. The group of women you will meet thru 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County are authentic in their desire to help both financially and through volunteerism. What is very unique about our organization is that we highlight the countless agencies doing good work in our community and it unites women from many walks of life for a common purpose - to make a difference.

Would you join us: If you would like to learn more about 100+ Women Who Care Washtenaw County, we have 3 upcoming informational open houses. If you would like to attend, please reserve your space now.

If you’re unable to attend any of these open houses, but would still like to join, please attend our spring meeting on April 28, 2019 at the Kensington Hotel, 3500 South State St., Ann Arbor. The meeting begins at 4:00 p.m. New members should arrive by 3:30 pm. to complete the membership form prior to the meeting starting. All members remember to bring your checkbooks. While there is no cost or contract to join, we do ask for your good-faith commitment to attend the bi-annual meetings and write a $100.00 check to the chosen non-profit agency.



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