Firehouse Chicken Broil at Saline Summerfest Saturday

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 08/09/2017 - 18:13
Deputy Chief Schiable and Lt. Speicher man the grill at the Firehouse Chicken broil at Saline Summerfest last year.

It’s the hottest chicken barbecue in town and it happens this week during Saline Summerfest.

The annual Fire House Chicken broil is presented by the Friends of the Saline Area Department and Saline firefighters from noon to 4 p.m., Saturday.

The firefighters will spray butter on the chicken and then broil it on Deputy Chief Charlie Schaible’s giant barbecue in the parking lot next to Benny’s Bakery. People can buy chicken dinners for $9 in the shack between the barbecue and the Summerfest entertainment stage.

People can also drive up to the parking lot beside Benny’s and buy their dinner to take home.

“It’s perfect for someone who’s planning to hit Summerfest a little later on,” Hoeft said.

Dinners include a half chicken, baked beans, a dinner roll, coleslaw and a bag of chips.

There are lots of events at Summerfest during the Fire House Chicken Broil. Henne Field hosts kids games, bouncers, the inflatable obstacle course and a 3-on-3 soccer tournament. The Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic take the stage at noon. Salt Valley Arts presents a short play at 1:30 p.m. Wisteria Band and Local Legends the Motor City Outlaws also play.

Just up Ann Arbor Street, you’ll find the Saline Street Machines car show. It will have entertainment, including a martial arts demonstration by Hensel Kenpo Karate. For the full Summerfest schedule, click here.

Every year the proceeds from the sale help pay for equipment for the fire department. This year year’s equipment might just save a firefighter’s life one day.

“We’re looking for body armor. It’s something we’d use if we were dispatched to an active shooter scene,” Chief Hoeft said.

Hoeft said the department wants to purchase four sets. Each costs approximately $1,500.

There haven’t been many incidents in Saline where such equipment was called for. But all county emergency responders are training for such incidents.

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