Online Community @ The Saline Post for Week of Dec 31, 2017

 01/07/2018 - 17:56
Online Community @ The Saline Post for Week of Dec 31, 2017
Members of the Saline community want their dogs to be properly cared for in the face of severe winter weather.

Things got off to a slow start here this round, perhaps not unlike waking the morning after New Year's Eve celebrations indulged to excess. The first article of 2018 appeared just before 5:00am, not to be joined by the second until well-into the afternoon of January 3.

But when readers finally did begin to engage with the site, they did so in force.

Taking the number one spot was "Deep Freeze: Check on Neighbors and Make Sure They Have Heat, Says Police Chief," with nine Comments. Notably, reader Comments actually served to expand the subject matter and take it in a new direction. What should you do to care for your dogs in severely cold weather and how should you do it?

Additional articles that prompted reader Comments:

On the Forums, General discussion topics primarily saw updates and served to provide supplemental material for articles on the main.

"Saline History" took a look back at the Universal Die Casting factory and offices on Monroe Street from 1984. And "Saline Selects" issued a challenge to see who'd make the last Forum thread post there for 2017. (You'll have to click on the link above to see who won.)

Curiously, the "Schools" sub-forum stands alone without a a thread of any kind at this point. With the Superintendent's Community Conversation just this past Friday and The Foundation for Saline Area Schools annual "SnowBlast" coming next month, perhaps that will change.

We also wouldn't be surprised to see an uptick in activity for "Politics" now that the calendar has formally turned to an off-cycle election year.

With that it's back to the readers for online community content contribution here until next weekend.

Dell Deaton
Saline High School, Class of 1981. Live in the city and vote. I am a local business owner (d2 Saline aka D2 Enterprises), and have been since August 12, 1983. Photographer, watch historian, and museum exhibit curator. Investor in the Best Western Premier Saline hotel project. My business pays for advertising on The Saline Post. I also write for this site, without compensation, and all opinons expressed are solely my own.

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