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 11/04/2019 - 14:34
Patrick Taylor Nut Brittle Varieties
Patrick Taylor Nut Brittle Varieties

Patrick Taylor

Granny’s Confections

Howell, MI

When visiting his grandmother and enjoying the absolute best sweets, PATRICK TAYLOR remembers asking about making her favorite confections.  His “Granny” said it was a secret but she “would teach me everything, but with one condition.  I was not allowed to tell anyone what I had learned….to this day I have kept the secret.” Into the kitchen they headed, and the technique of making quality nut brittle began.  Other advice that Granny gave was to “never cut corners, use quality ingredients and put love in everything you do.”  Patrick continues that tradition today with his six flavors including peanut brittle, jalapeno peanut brittle, cashew brittle, pecan brittle, almond brittle and coconut brittle.  Patrick will always remember the 80-year-old customer who said she hadn’t had peanut brittle since she was a child.  He offered her a sample, and she could not stop “ranting and raving about it and how it brought back decades of memories.”  She left the craft show booth with her brittle but returned a short time later with an empty bag; wanting to purchase a larger quantity.  Visit Patrick and become part of this family tradition in Booth 183.

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