Twirlettes Mark 50th Anniversary With Best Ever Award at Nationals

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 09/04/2018 - 14:24

The Twirlettes last year entered into a new corps division and won their division. This year the team took it a step further by not only winning the senior small division, but winning the overall Grand National Corps Championship at the America’s Youth on Parade USA and World Championships.

The team competed in the finals and were chosen as the champions over all the division winners. The team won the six-foot-tall traveling trophy, $500 cash award, brown jug, medals and the honor of performing at the “BIG Show” at the end of week and were the honor guard for the opening of the “BIG Show.”

For the last 30 years the same team from Pennsylvania has won this division and now for the first time the Twirlettes won the grand national title and the start of a new era in this division. 

The win holds even more significant meaning since this is the highest accolade the Twirlettes have earned and the group is celebrating its golden anniversary this season.  The team hopes to display the trophy so the community can share in this honor while also celebrating the organizations Golden Anniversary.

2018 ktn team.jpg

The Dance twirl team included Hanna Alvarez, Haley Alvarez, Lizzie Branch, Sabrina Beiring, Amanda Coy, Zoe Dotts-Brown, Johanna Kegerreis, Aubrey Bukosky, Alexis Figueras, Avery St. Lawrence, Rylee Schlaud and Kaitlyn Kornacki. They placed placed fifth in the first round earning them a spot in the finals and then won a fourth place award in the Junior Large Dance Twirl division.

The Twirlettes were not only successful in team competition but also had many individual accomplishments as well. Alexis Figueras, Saline eighth grader, won the National Intermediate Pre-teen pageant. Alexis won fourth in modeling, won the strutting category and placed fourth  in solo to win the overall title. She also won a seventh in open solo, 2-baton, second in flag, and third in strutting in the intermediate division.

Advanced twirlers were very successful in the highest division. Five twirlers made the Grand National semi -finalist round; Hanna Alvarez, Haley Alvarez, Alexis Figueras, Lizzie Branch and Amanda Coy.  They all twirled off for final placement where Hanna won eighth, Haley 10th, Alexis 20th, 16th for Lizzie and Amanda.

Grass Lake sixth grader Hanna Alvarez was first runner up to Juvenile Miss Majorette of America while sister Haley won a second runner up in the Preteen Miss Majorette of America pageant.  Hanna also won the World Open 2-baton and 3 baton championship, age 9 advanced solo contest and was fourth in strutting and eighth in rhythmic. Haley placed sixth in world open solo, second in age 12 advanced solo, fourth in 2-baton, seventh in 3-baton, and sixth in freestyle.

Purdue Freshman and recent Saline graduate Amanda Coy represented Purdue University as the Girl in Black. In her first time in the collegiate halftime division made the finals and placed 10th overall.  Amanda also placed sixth in the Teenage Miss Majorette of America pageant by placing ninth  in modeling, fourth in strut, and 10th  in solo.  Along with partner, Alexa Bader the duet placed sixth in a very competitive division.

Amanda also won the All American modeling title for the teenage division, was third in 3-baton, seventh in strutting, and 10th in solo. Lizzie Branch, 16, Grass Lake Junior, had her best nationals to date. She not only made the TOP 20 in Grand National solo, and placed 1sixth overall in the Grand National solo final placement, placed sixth in age 15 solo and strutting. Other Grass Lake Junior Zoe Dotts-Brown

Purdue Sophomore Marin Parker of Birmingham,  placed ninth in Beginners 3-baton, seventh in advanced strut and eighth in advanced solo.  This was Marin’s first year with the Twirlettes National team.

Austin Peay Freshman, Izzy Melvin, placed 1sixth in her first collegiate event, was eighth in 3 baton,  and 14th in 2-baton.

Cori Walworth, University of Toledo feature twirler, was 12th in open strut.

Michigan Freshman Kelly Coghlan placed eighth in advanced solo, was  second in Intermediate strut, third in beginner 3-baton, third in flag, and 11th in 2-baton.

Alexa Bader of Sylvania, Ohio and Ohio State freshman won the Show Twirl national championship and the Intermediate 2-baton national title, 11th in 3-baton, and placed sixth in advanced strutting,

Avery St. Lawrence, Saline Freshman, won her flag title, was second in beginner 3-baton, eighth in 2-baton and 13th in advanced solo and 15th in advanced strutting.

Sabrina Beiring made the finals for the first time by taking fifth place in her age 15 strutting. She also placed seventh in beginners 3-baton, and 19th in open solo.

Another Grass Lake Junior, Zoe Dotts- Brown took fourth in duet with Kegerreis, 13th in open solo, 10th in modeling and 14th in 2-baton.

Jackson Christian Junior, Johanna Kegerreis had a great first showing in the advanced solo division by placing seventh in her age division as well as an eighth in show routine. In intermediate category she won eighth in strut, 3-baton, and ninth in flag and fourth in duet with partner Zoe Dotts-Brown. 

Milan Sophomore Kaitlyn Kornacki represented the group and won the Junior Corps Member of the year and was recognized in the big show culminating the week of competition.  She was also successful by winning fourth in intermediate solo and flag and 1fifth in 2-baton. 

Beginner Twirlers had some success as well. Jenna Huetteman , Saline eighth grader, won the Beginner Flag title and placed ninth overall in the Beginner Junior pageant by placing third in pageant solo, and 12th in strutting.  She was seventh in open solo and fourth in open strut.

Sister Erin Huetteman, Saline seventh grader, placed fifth in her open beginner solo and strut, 10th in show routine, fifth in flag, and eighth in duet with partner Maggie Smith. 

Maggie, Milan fifth grader, represented our state in the Beginner Juvenile pageant and she placed fourth overall by winning a fourth in pageant solo, eighth in strutting, and first in modeling. She also was fifth in open solo, ninth in strut, third in show routine, fifth in 2-baton and represented the Twirelttes in corps member of the year. 

Allen Park Catholic Cabrini Junior Addison Foy, placed 12th in strutting , eighth in flag, and 1fourth in 2-baton. 

Elly LeCursi competed in the national Beginner Pre-teen pageant and won 13th overall by winning a second in pageant modeling, and 10th in pageant solo. She also placed second in open solo. 

Newcomer Alex Ley, Emily Inniger, and Mary Inniger placed at their first national level competition with the Twirlettes. Alex Ley, Saline, placed third in solo, fifth in strut and 2-baton, fourth in flag and 11th in show routine at her very first nationals. This was exceptional for her first time ever. 

Dexter native Emily Inniger placed second in Novice solo and 2-baton while little sister 4-year-old Mary placed 20th in the novice 0-6 division,.

The corps had 3 members from outside the group that joined to be a part of the summer national team; Marin Parker of Birmingham and Purdue Sophomore, Birmingham Groves junior, Reece Dudeck and Davison eighth grader Rylee Schlaud. These three along with 22 Saline Twirlettes were a part of the team that won the Grand National Championship.

Members were:  Haley Alvarez, Hanna Alvarez, Alexa Bader, Sabrina Beiring, Lizzie Branch, Kelly Coghlan, Amanda Coy, Zoe Dotts-Brown, Alexis Figueras, Addison Foy, Ali Gucwa, Erin Huetteman, Jenna Huetteman, Johanna Kegerreis, Kaitlyn Kornacki, Elly LeCursi, Izzy Melvin, Alayna Offredi, Maggie Smith, Avery St. Lawrence and Cori Walworth.

The team plans to focus their efforts again on this grand National title again next year and will be recognized this Fall within the community and a City Council meeting.   All year the team will be honoring its 50th year of existence. Started as a grass roots organization in 1968 by Mrs. Shirley Michaels the group continues to thrive. Plans are being made to host an open house for ALL former and current Twirlettes.

Twirlettes term will begin Sept. 25th and if you would like to learn how to twirl , then contact or [email protected]



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