Options for boarding your dog when you have to travel

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Options for boarding your dog when you have to travel

For those of you that don't know me, I absolutely love to travel — even for business. Unfortunately, my two rescue dogs don't share my enthusiasm, which means coming up with options for them. 

If there is one thing I couldn't stress enough, it's to do a trial run on any boarding or pet sitting scenario. The worst thing you can do is to drop your dog off at the kennel and leave for two weeks without first acclimating them to the facility. 

How would you feel if while relaxing on the deck of a cruise ship in the Caribbean your phone rang with a report of your dog in distress? (Have you priced helicopter pickups for transport from sea to airport to Detroit to cab ride back to Saline recently?)

Alternatively, would you really want to leave your dog to get more confused and stressed by the day? Could you relax on any vacation worrying about that? 

We want our vacations to be their vacations (of a sort), too!

The best fit for my dogs might not be ideal for yours, of course. There is no one size fits all. But, thankfully, there are many “sizes” from which to chose for your needs.

To help you decide, "BarkPost" listed some pro's and con's to different types of pet care, available free online

Bottom line: Take a close look at your dog and decide what situation meets their individual needs, leaving them in good hands and feeling happy and as stress free as possible.  

Happy Training — and travels!