Specialists For Thyroid: Natural Treatment And Therapy

 11/26/2018 - 04:18

According to the number of major studies, up to 20% of patients with thyroid disease cannot adequately convert the medication levothyroxine into the active form of thyroid hormone, called triiodothyronine, or T3.

Many individuals are experiencing difficulty regulating their thyroid levels as a result of the toxic environment and food supplies. As a consequence of the increase in thyroid dysfunction, combined with more research on the effectiveness of non-medication treatment, many traditional doctors are becoming more comfortable using natural thyroid support.

Thyroid treatment and Medication

For over years, synthetic thyroid medications were the preferred form of treatment in the form of T3 or T4. As the research has grown on natural substitutes, many patients have begun to explore ways to regulate their thyroid functioning without medications. With today’s scientific knowledge of the thyroid, it can more accurately evaluate a patient’s requirements and determine the appropriate course of the intervention. This means an all-natural course of treatment and therapy, and all synthetic course, or some combination of these treatment modalities.

Similarly, A Thyroid Doctor in Chicago at Green Circle Wellness Clinic incorporates a variety of concepts including diet, lifestyle and even stress factors that may have adverse effects on the health of a patient. It takes the careful and detailed history and physical, as well as comprehensive blood work, to determine an effective and appropriate course of treatment for your thyroid condition.

The Specialists are knowledgeable and skilled in the utilization of dehydrated thyroid products, and for some patients, it uses a mixture of synthetic and natural thyroid hormone treatments. Hence, acute care approaches to the management of health situations fall short addressing individual health conditions.

What is the Best Thyroid Medication?

Fortunately, various studies have clearly shown that using thyroid medication that contains T3 can rapidly and effortlessly reduce symptoms of thyroid disease, symptoms that include feeling tired, cold, having dry skin and hair, slow metabolism, weight gain, hair loss, depression, constipation, and other weak symptoms.

Dr. Stracks in the Chicago area and beyond is an expert in using these T3 medications, including Natural Desiccated Thyroid, to help his patients feel themselves again when they need to take thyroid medication.

Rather than relying on Thyroid-stimulating hormone to lead medication dosing, the doctor appears closely at a variety of lab values, including T3, T4, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies. Those levels, with everyday reports on how you are feeling, help them to control the optimal medication at the optimal dose to get you feeling back to your optimal self.

However, Integrative medicine is a philosophy and practice of how to care for patients and ourselves. It includes:

  • Authentic medicine: Based on all the current evidence and informed by their beliefs, values, and experiences; patients and providers believe that their hearts and minds are the right treatment.
  • Everyday Medicine: It is the manner you live your life, the food you eat, the environment you live in, the relationships you maintain.
  • Simply, Medicine: It is using the best method to help you not just treat disease, but flourish in your life.

However, Green Circle Wellness Clinic is one of the leading centers of integrative medicine in Chicago, helping patients and the surrounding areas achieve optimal health through innovative and personalized care. Hence, the team consists of specialty-trained integrative medicine physicians and providers, specially chosen for not just their skills, but also their personal desire to help the patients and community.