Tiny Homes Talk

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Sunday, October 8, 2017 - 10:00am
Saline First Presbyterian Church

Rev. Faith Fowler is the Senior Pastor at Cass Community United Methodist Church and the Executive Director of Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. (CCSS)  Since 1994 this non profit agency has responded to poverty with food, health care, housing and unemployment.

Since 2007 Cass Green Industries has created jobs for people with developmental disabilities,
mental illness and other physical restrictions.

Tiny Homes Detroit is a program thru CCSS which will build 25 single family homes.  At least half the homes will be occupied by formerly homeless people,  with seniors, college students and staff members making up the rest of the population.

Church member, Taylor Jacobsen, along with other parishioners and community members have been volunteering at CCSS for several years, developing and maintaining a park with several flower gardens.

Please join us in learning about the wonderful opportunities in Detroit with CCSS.