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Iceland Adventure: Circumnavigating the Untamed – 2018  Departing June 21, 2018

Starting From $6,699     14 DAYS  11 Guided Tours

Call 429-4063 for more details.

Iceland, the “Land of Fire and Ice,” has caught fire in the imaginations of travelers, who are discovering the bewitching wilderness and seascapes of an island-nation that is part of Europe, yet closer to the U.S. than continental Europe. More than half the population of the country resides in its capital city, Reykjavik, which you’ll have time to explore in both the beginning and end of your adventure. But the rest of the island remains spectacularly unspoiled, with green pastures where horses roam, magnificent fjords hiding tiny fishing villages on their banks, and glaciers beckoning explorers into their shocking blue ice caves. These are landscapes that have inspired epic literature and Viking lore — and we will explore it all on an astonishing adventure that reveals Iceland’s wild coastline from north to south. 




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