High Voter Turnout Results in Some Changes in Local Government

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 11/09/2016 - 05:02

On a day when Americans chose Donald Trump as president, Salinians had other decisions to make.

Turnout in the City of Saline was 75.1 percent as 5,394 votes were cast. Mayor Brian Marl, unopposed, received 3713 votes. 90 people wrote in votes.

In the city council race, Janet Dillon (2,732), Dean Girbach (2,710) and Christen Mitchell (2,078) were elected. Mike Gudith (1,628) was fourth.

Clerk Terri Royal said that outside of a line when polls opened, voting was smooth.

16,843 voters (78.05 percent) in the Saline Area Schools district cast ballots.  Incumbent Dennis Valenti (7,049) and Michael McVey (5,700) were elected to six year seats. Alan Brilliant (5,098) was third. Scott Hummel (8,722) was unopposed for the two-year seat.

With 112 of 141 precincts counted, the county road millage proposal (.5 mills for four years) had the support of 70.6 percent voters. The county veteran affairs proposal (.1 mills for eight years) was supported by 72.88 percent of the voters. The regional transportation authority (1.2 mills for 20 years) was supported by 55 percent of the voters.

Former Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell was one of many Democrats to lose in a Congressional race. Incumbent Tim Walberg won with 55.2 percent of the vote. Driskell received 46.3 percent of the vote.

Driskell’s replacement as State Representative in the 52nd District will be Donna Lasinski, who won her district with 52.39 percent of the vote. Republican Randy Clark finished with 44.64 percent of the vote.

State Rep. Adam Zemke, D-Ann Arbor, was elected to a third term with 68.2 percent of the vote with 26 of 32 precincts counted. Bob Baird had 30.8 percent of the vote.

Democrat Jerry L. Clayton was reelected as sheriff, defeating Republican Ken Magee, 115,152-53,214. Alicia Ping and Felicia Brabec were re-elected to the county commission. They were unopposed.

In Pittsfield Township voter turnout was 71.1 percent. Supervisor Mandy Grewal and Treasurer Patricia Tupacz Scribner were re-elected. Michelle Anzaldi was elected as Clerk. All were unopposed. Gerald Krone, George Ralph, Linda Edwards-Brown and Yameen Jaffer were unopposed for four seats on the board. All were Democrats.

In Saline Township, Republicans swept the election. Voter turnout was 70 percent. Supervisor James Marion, Clerk Kelly Marion and Treasurer Renee Luckhardt were re-elected. Robert Marion and Robert Prehn were re-elected as Trustee.

In Lodi voter turnout was 80.6 percent. Republican Supervisor Jan Godek was unopposed. Christina Turner, Republican, was unopposed for Clerk and Republican Michelle Foley was reelected as Treasuruer. Republicans William Lindemann, Donald Rentschler, Jacob Schaible and Craig Swenson were elected as Trustee. They were unopposed.

York Township also went Republican. Turnout was 81.75 percent. Chuck Tellas was unopposed for Supervisor, Helen Neill was reelected as Clerk and Sally Louis was reelected as Treasurer. John Hargrove, Brian Iott, Dan Pichla and Derek Stern were elected to Trustee. There was no opposition.

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