Saline Voters Pass 2 Proposals, Help Pass 2 County-Wide Taxes

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 11/07/2017 - 23:07

Saline voters passed both millages put forth by Saline Area Schools and did their part to pass two county-wide millages in Tuesday’s election.

As expected, voter turnout was weak during the off-year general election.

In the City of Saline council member race voters didn’t have much choice in the matter. There were three open seats and three candidates. Heidi McClelland led the way with 1261 votes. Jack Ceo had 1241 votes and Linda TerHaar received 1214 votes. There were 40 unassigned write-in votes.

Voter turnout in the City of Saline was 25.6 percent – higher than the 18 percent county average.

The Saline Area Schools sinking fund proposal was well received by voters. 2,927 people (56.8 percent) voted for the proposal and 2,180 voted against the proposal. The .35-mill, 10-year millage will raise funds for construction and repairs, technology and security.

The CARES millage, seen on the ballot as a recreation and playground millage, was also approved but the margin was slimmer. 2,680 people (51.7 percent) and 2,613 voted no. This .5-mill, 10-year millage funds the senior center, the Saline High School pool operations, the performing arts center operations, community education programming and other community initiatives.

Saline Area Schools Superintendent Scot Graden said he was thankful for the community’s support of the school district.

“It’s great to see support, not only for the school district but for the community. We are very thankful for everything our community does for Saline Area Schools and the greater community,” Graden said. “There was widespread support for both initiatives and it is indicative of the fact that people have confidence in us. With that support comes a great deal of responsibility. We take that responsibility seriously and we’ll ensure the funds are used appropriately and provide the greatest value to the community.”

Saline Board of Education President Tim Austin also thanked the community.

"We would like to thank the community for their continued support of our school district. The sinking fund, combined with our newly created capitol project fund, and the bond fund gives the district important resources while planing for current and future needs," Austin said. "The Passing of the CARES millage is great for our community. Allowing are continued support for the senior center and community grants to name a few."

Both of those millages proposals were essentially renewals.

Interestingly, the local millages didn’t enjoy the same support as the county-wide millage proposals – even in the local precincts.

The renewal of the Washtenaw County special education millage passed with nearly 75 percent of the vote in the county. The millage wasn’t as well received in the Saline area precincts, where it passed with 64.8 percent of the votes. Still, that figure is higher than the local millages.

County-wide, the millage, a shade under 1-mill, will raise over $15 million to support special education.

 Washtenaw ISD Superintendent, Dr. Scott Menzel, said the election outcome is affirming.

 “The students throughout Washtenaw County who receive special education services are the winners tonight,” Menzel said. “We are grateful to live in a community that recognizes the importance of educating all children. I would like to thank the voters on behalf of the over 6,500 students in our county who benefit from a variety of special education supports.”

The millage generates about $1 million annually for Saline schools.

The other county-wide millage was the mental health/public safety millage. It passed with nearly 64 percent of the vote. In the Saline precincts it passed with 56.5 percent of the vote – about the same as the sinking fund millage. The one-mill millage will fund Washtenaw County Mental Health, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office and will provide about $700,000 for Pittsfield Township Public Safety and $160,000 for the City of Saline.

Below are the unofficial results.

  Sinking fund CARES  
  Yes No Yes No
City of Saline  351 232 333 250
City of Saline 2 342 202 309 237
City of Saline 3 383 269 373 277
Pittsfield 1 & 8 145 55 125 77
Pittsfield 11 & 12 483 242 456 270
Lodi 568 562 497 634
York 1 494 396 436 449
Saline Twp 144 181 136 186
Freedom 4 17 4 16
Totals 2914 2156 2669 2396
City Council Ceo McClelland TerHaar  
City of Saline 1 382 403 388  
City of Saline 2 387 390 368  
City of Saline 3 472 468 458  
  1241 1261 1214  
  Mental Health Special Ed  
  Yes No Yes No
City of Saline  359 221 407 179
City of Saline 2 351 191 387 159
City of Saline 3 396 251 427 223
Pittsfield 1 & 8 252 102 271 83
Pittsfield 11 & 12 446 275 504 216
Lodi 656 652 784 531
York 2&3 476 403 568 314
Saline 157 182 177 150
Freedom 96 180 142 135
Totals 3189 2457 3667 1990



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