Tuesday is Election Day in Saline

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 11/07/2017 - 01:17

Tuesday is election day in the Saline area and Washtenaw County. Polls are election from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In the City of Saline, there are only three candidates running for three positions on City Council. Incumbents Heidi McClelland, Linda TerHaar and Jack Ceo are running for two-year terms.

Saline Area Schools has two proposals before voters. One proposal is essentially a renewal of the .35-mill sinking fund millage for 10 years. The other is essentially a renewal of the CARES millage for 10 years.

Saline area voters, like all voters in Washtenaw County, are also being asked to consider two county-wide millages.

Proposal 1 is an eight-year, 1-mill levy to provide funds for Washtenaw Community Mental Health, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, and communities with their own police agencies.

The Washtenaw Intermediate School District is asking for a renewal of the special education millage. It calls for an eight-year, .972-mill levy.

In the City of Saline, voters in precincts one and two will vote at Liberty School, 7265 Saline-Ann Arbor Rd. Voters in precinct three will vote at First United Methodist Church, 1200 N. Ann Arbor St. (See the map above).

Many Pittsfield Township voters will have a new polling place Tuesday. Pittsfield voters in precincts 11 and 12 will vote at Saline High School, 1300 Campus Parkway. Voters in precinct eight will vote at the Pittsfield Township office, 6201 W. Michigan Ave. (See PDF attached below).

In York Township, precincts 1 and 2 will vote at the Tri-County Sportsmen’s Club, 8640 Moon Road. Lodi Township residents will vote at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds, 5055 Ann Arbor-Saline Road, in Building A. Saline Township residents will vote at the township hall, located at 4264 Arkona Road.

The Michigan Secretary of State provides the following information to voters.

Do I need my voter registration card in order to vote?

No. As long as you are in the correct polling location, your name will appear on the registration list supplied to your precinct.

The Voter Identification Card is for your reference and is not required to vote. If you did not receive or lost the Voter Identification Card, call your local Clerk for a replacement or visit the Michigan Voter Information Center to check your registration status.   

Do I need to show identification in order to vote?

Michigan does have a voter identification requirement at the polls. Voters are asked to present an acceptable photo ID such as a Michigan driver's license or identification card. Please note that voters who do not have an acceptable form of ID or failed to bring it with them to the polls still can vote. They simply sign a brief affidavit stating that they're not in possession of a photo ID. Their ballots are included with all others and counted on Election Day.

The following types of photo ID are acceptable:

  • Michigan driver's license or state-issued ID card
  • Driver's license or personal identification card issued by another state
  • Federal or state government-issued photo identification
  • U.S. passport
  • Military ID with photo
  • Student identification with photo from a high school or accredited institution of higher learning
  • Tribal identification card with photo

The ID does not need your address.

Can I wear election-related clothing to the polls?

Michigan has prohibited the practice of displaying election-related materials at the polls for decades. This includes clothing and buttons as well as materials such as pamphlets, fliers and stickers. You cannot display such items in the polling place or within 100 feet of an entrance to a polling place. If you go to the polls with a shirt or button bearing election-related images or slogans, you will be asked to cover or remove it.

Must I vote the entire ballot?

You are not required to vote the entire ballot. You may pick and choose the races or ballot questions for which you want to vote. Skipping sections of the ballot does not invalidate your ballot.

Can I use a camera in the polls?

No. The use of video cameras, still cameras and other recording devices are prohibited in the polls when they are open for voting. This includes still cameras and other recording features built into many cell phones. The ban applies to all voters, challengers, poll watchers and election workers. Exceptions are made for credentialed members of the news media though certain restrictions remain.






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