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Thursday, 2013 Jan 31st

The first program of 2013 takes place Feb. 10 at Liberty School.


After working with students with special needs as a day camp counselor in high school, Nicole Tucci decided she wanted to work in special education


Freshman Cassidy Polzin and junior Kayla Holsten took home first place in their events at the FFA Leadership Career Development Regional at Milan High School.


Adam Whitener and David Boland each won two events for the Hornets.


Keystone Community Church applied to the State Boundary Commission to be annexed to the City of Saline -- but annexation could bring other property owners into the city.


If you are a fan of book-to-movie adaptations, Saline District Library can help! Come check out the book, watch the movie, and see which you like best.

Anyone who wears red Friday can enter the Rec Center for free and enjoy a day full of classes, activities and use of the facilities.


Wednesday, 2013 Jan 30th


A 25-year-old Clark Street man, facing previous charges for resisting arrest, was arrested early in the morning Jan. 27 and could face charges of domestic violence, malicious destruction of property and being drunk and disorderly after his most recent arrest.

Police & Fire

A man was working on the roof of an Arboretum Drive home when his back gave out. Firefighters arrived to get
him down.

Police & Fire

Gardner is a senior studying theatre and dance.

Members of the basketball team and sideline cheer team honored special teachers at Tuesday's basketball game.

Tuesday, 2013 Jan 29th

Jackson Lamb scored 26 points to lead Bedford past Saline.


Saline has now won four of five games.


Saturday's meet at Saline High School was a chance for to celebrate the wrestling program.


Lisa writes:

I am terribly upset about my husband who is overweight and drinks too much alcohol. He becomes very defensive and touchy whenever I mention the idea of exercise or cutting down on portion sizes. He refuses to cut down on alcohol also. In fact, the more I mention it, the more defensive he gets. I am very worried about my husband's health but feel at a loss because he simply accuses me of being a nag. Is there anything different I can do?

The Eau-Claire senior has helped his team climb the NCAA Division 3 rankings with 14 wins this year.


Laura Kuzma, daughter of Steven Kuzma and Katharine Hahn, is majoring in biology.