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Saturday, 2012 Aug 18th

Here's a preview of your Saline Hornets varsity football team.

From fundraisers for sports teams to visits to the Rentschler Farm, there are many things to do in Saline Saturday.

Community News

Friday, 2012 Aug 17th

The annual Old Fashion Ice Cream Social takes place at the Weber-Blaess One Room School Aug. 26, 1-4 p.m.



Here’s what was tucked away in the consent agenda at Tuesday’s school board meeting:

Most Teachers Return to Previous Assignments

Human Resources Director Curt Ellis reported 95 percent of the teacher staffing for the new year is complete with the overwhelming majority of teachers returning to previous assignments.  Ellis reported that staff members who have been moved, for the most part, have been moved to previous assignments or assignments they requested. Ellis said the familiar staffing should result in a smoother start to the year.

Guests are encouraged to dress as if it is the Roaring 20's in this annual fundraiser that has moved to Wellers this year.

The Saline Board of Education authorized Superintendent Graden to negotiate a contract with Energy Education, a firm that could save Saline $2 million in energy costs over the next four years.


Thursday, 2012 Aug 16th

The Teamsters Local 214 voted 10-8 to ratify the one-year deal. City council votes on the deal Monday.


Pedestrian traffic will be moved to the north side of Woodland Drive for about three weeks.


Tonight's free Fiddlers ReStrung at Liberty School has been moved to Liberty School due to weather.

The Summer Music Series finale begins at 7 p.m.

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The reform also doubles health premiums for retirees and eliminates retiree health benefits for new teachers, and begins to shift new teachers into new retirement plans.

Smita Nagpal, Diane Friese, Paul Hynek and Karen Delhey are running for two seats currently held by Lisa Slawson and Chuck Lesch. The terms are six years long.


Fiddlers ReStrung close out the Saline Summer Music Series Thursday night with a free concert on South Ann Arbor Street.

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Wednesday, 2012 Aug 15th

Virginia Carr taught Sunday school and volunteered for hospital and historical society.


I'm on my way to take pictures of the football team and I have time to stop for dinner.

Today's stop: Joyful House (515 E Michigan, 734.944.3197, http://www.joyfulhouserestaurant.com)

Since giving up soda, breads noodles and rices, settling on dishes in an Asian restaurant isn't easy, as the white rice and noodles are often needed to soak up and balance some of those yummy sauces.

I've decided to go with the Beef and Brocolli dinner for $10:45.

Local historian Bob Lane presents the Saline Area Historical Society's educational program at the Stone Arch Arts & Events.

Community News

Assistant Superintendent Steve Laatsch said the district was striving to help lower performing students long before new designations were released by the state.


Tuesday, 2012 Aug 14th

Residents can support the Saline cross country teams while test driving a Dodge during the annual Run-a-Thon Aug. 20 at Saline Middle School.

Here's a link to Dexter Patch's interview with the Saline mayor and state representative candidate.

Rain reduced Friday crowds, but things picked up Saturday, said Art Trapp, executive director of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce.

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