Andelina Farms Clears Another Hurdle, Update on Braun Road Bridge

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 05/14/2019 - 09:54
The bridge over this stream crossing Braun Road collapsed earlier this month after a deteriorating pipe

Andelina Farms, a proposed 280-unit development of single-family homes and condos that will be built over three phases near Michigan and Austin Road, cleared another hurdle at the Saline Township Board meeting Monday night.

Nikki Jeffries, Land Development Manager of MI Homes, the corporation backing Saline Ventures, the developer of Andelina Farms, told the board that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality required the township board to pass a resolution affirming or denying that it would take responsibility for the on-site private water/sewer systems for the development.

In a unanimous vote, the board affirmed the township would not retain ownership over the water and sewer systems for the Andelina Farms development. The resolution declining responsibility for the water and sewer systems would be forwarded to the MDEQ.

Jeffries said when the MDEQ receives the resolution from the township, it would proceed with its decision-making process. A final decision is expected this month.

Fred Lucas, consulting attorney for Saline Township, updated the board on the most recent changes to the Andelina Farms agreement. He said the agreement specified that the township, developer and the City of Saline are to have a Section 425 Agreement in place prior to the first house or condo being built. He also said the township, developer and city were in agreement with the 425 arrangement.

A 425 Agreement refers to Michigan Public Act 425 of 1984, also known as the Intergovernmental Conditional Transfer of Property By Contract, that allows governmental entities to arrange for the annexation of property to assist with the development of land and provide access to public utilities (water and sewer systems).

The proposed 425 Agreement includes language that allows property north of the Andelina Farms development to connect to the private water and sewer systems at Andelina Farms, if/when the property gets developed. Lucas indicated the City of Saline is currently in the process of developing language with Andelina Farms to take over responsibility for the construction, oversight and day-to-day management of the private water and sewer systems at Andelina Farms. 

“This makes sense because when the city achieves the necessary upgrades to their systems, it  is their intent to  connect the Andelina Farms water and sewer services into city systems,” Lucas said.

Lucas reported to the board that, from an engineering and land use perspective, Andelina Farms has addressed all of the township’s concerns, and that if MDEQ issues a permit for the private water and sewer systems, the developer would have met all requirements and the township could issue a final approval for the development. That approval is expected at the June meeting.

Braun Road Bridge

Township Supervisor Jim Marion said that he had consulted with the Washtenaw County Road Commission about the Braun Road bridge which was destroyed in the recent heavy rains. 

“The Road Commission is currently working on a project in Bridgewater but would get to the Braun Road repair work after that,” said Marion. “They said they thought the repairs to the Braun Road bridge would be completed by mid-June.”

Total cost for the repairs for the bridge was quoted at $92,000. Half of the cost is the responsibility of Saline Township, the other half the WCRC. The board passed a motion allocating $46,000 for the bridge repairs.

Zink Appointed

In other action the board appointed Daryll Zink to the Saline Township Planning Commission, replacing the late Robert Prehn.  And the board reminds all residents that the Township Spring Clean Up day is Saturday, May 18 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Residents can dispose of up to eight passenger automobile tires, four small-medium truck tires and two tractor tires.  Township officials stressed that the limits applied to residences, not parcels owned.

The next township board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 10, 2019 at 7 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.





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