City Council to Discuss Budget, Water Rates and More Monday

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 05/16/2019 - 02:14

With three members of council back from visiting Saline’s sister city, in Brecon, Wales, Saline City Council has a busy agenda Monday, May 20.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Council will consider passing millage for the next fiscal year’s appropriations act, which begins in July. The city millage rate would be 17.28 mills, which includes 14.0242 mills for city operations, 1.7373 mills for solid waste, .5185 mills for street debt and 1 mill for the street millage. The next budget includes 2.5 percent wage increases, steps and longevity for all employees, an additional police officer, and a full-time employee shared between code enforcement and assessing. Several capital projects have been moved to future years to balance the budget. Total revenue for the general fund is expected to be $13,756,705. That’s down about $500,000 from last year’s general fund spending.
  • Council will consider hiking the combined water and sewer rates from $10.67 per 100,000 gallons to $11.45 per $100,000 gallons. That number is expected to rise to $13.17 next year before falling back to 11.93 next year.
  • Salt Springs Brewery is applying for a small distiller’s license. City approval is required by the State of Michigan Liquor Control.
  • Brecon Grill is requesting to renew a three-year agreement with the city to use Leather Bucket Alley for outdoor seating. The previous agreement expires this month.
  • Council will consider approving a series of ordinances regulating marijuana use in the city. The ordinances will prohibit use in public places and prohibit minors (Under 21) from possessing marijuana and accessories accessories.
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