City Recognizes Worsening Odor at Wastewater Treatment Plant

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 12/17/2016 - 02:54

City of Saline staff are aware of the worsening stench emanating from its wastewater treatment plant.

The plant, located off South Monroe Street on the Saline River, treats the city’s wastewater. For years, residents in the vicinity of the plant have complained about the plant’s odors, but the issue appears to have become more serious in recent years – especially in the last few days.

On Facebook, the city announced that it is aware of the problem.

“Please know that resolving this issue is a top priority of the City Council and Staff; the comments and concerns of Saline residents are very important,” the post said.

In November, the city awarded Webster Environmental Associates $98,000 to study the odor issue and to recommend soluitions. The report is expected to be complete in August.

Until then, the city residents are encouraged to call the wastewater treatment plant to report odors. Reach the plant at 734-944-2003.

Starting Jan. 15, city residents can also report the problem to Tetra Tech’s Dave Horney at 734-320-5336.

The city recently completed a $3.6 million renovation of the plant. Although it wasn’t the city’s objective to correct the odor issue with that project, city officials hoped there might be some improvement when the project was complete. So far, that hasn’t been the case.


Here is the full text of the City's Facebook post.

There continues to be an increased odor emanating from the WWTP. Please know that resolving this issue is a top priority of the City Council and Staff; the comments and concerns of Saline residents are very important. As the City moves forward in attempting to mitigate the excessive odor at the WWTP, the City Council unanimously approved an agreement with a national engineering firm to conduct an odor study at the WWTP. The odor study is currently under way and will be completed this coming summer. The results of the study will provide options for possible mitigation of odors emanating from the WWTP. Saline residents are encouraged to contact the WWTP at 734/944-2003 to report odor complaints. Also, the on-going odor study includes an odor complaint reporting component. Beginning January 15, 2017, residents may also report odor complaints directly to Dave Horney, of Tetra Tech, at 734/320-5336. Lastly, as a point of clarification, the WWTP has odor scrubbers located on-site to assist in cleaning the odor from the air at multiple points throughout the treatment process. The odor scrubbing system has been operating non-stop for a year or better, except for a few days due to maintenance. The odor scrubbers will continue to operate 24 hours/day, every day, except for necessary maintenance. #SalineMI



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