City of Saline Honors Chuck McGill for More than 40 Years of Service on SPD

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 08/10/2016 - 19:27
Mayor Brian Marl and Police Chief Larry Hrinik Honor Chuck McGill, who volunteered as a reserve in the Saline Police Department starting in 1972.

The first Saline City Council meeting of August began with a salute to Charles F. “Chuck” McGill, who is retiring from the Saline Police Department. McGill joined the force in 1972 as a volunteer reserve officer and, except for one short break, he has been there ever since.

“I was here long enough that I saw four chiefs, I think there were probably nine mayors, I don’t know how many council people, and probably hundreds of officers have come thorough the department,” McGill said.

Mayor Brian Marl read a proclamation reviewing McGill’s life story and accomplishments, starting with his education at Detroit Catholic High School, George Washington University and the Flint Police Academy. McGill also served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. While volunteering on the police force, McGill earned a living working in the dental supply business for over 40 years.

Only one member of the force has accumulated more seniority, Larry Wiedmeyer, who retired from the force in March and was similarly honored by a mayor proclamation.

“On behalf of the Saline City Council and citizens of Saline I do hereby thank Charles F. McGill for his dedicated service to the city of Saline and specifically to the Saline Police Department with sincere best wishes for a long and enjoyable retirement,” Marl read.

Why does a man hold a job over parts of five decades when it requires long hours and offers no pay?

“I’ve been here a long time and the reason I did it basically was I enjoyed the work and I thought I was giving back to the community,” McGill said.

After the presentation, Police Chief Larry Hrinik called other police officers forward to honor their retiring colleague. McGill took this opportunity to remind the community that they should be grateful for the service these officers provide.

The officers shook hands with McGill, after which each member of City Council personally thanked him.


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