City Stamps Salt Springs Brewery's Application for a Small Distiller's License

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 05/26/2019 - 02:16

Saline City Council voted 7-0 to have city clerk Terri Royal sign Salt Springs Brewery's application for a small distiller's license and submit it to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

The application would allow Salt Springs Brewery to distill spirits, but co-owner Ron Schofield said that's not the intent of the brewery. Instead, a small distiller's license will allow Salt Springs to sell spirits made by Michigan distilleries.

Schofield told council that even if ownership wanted to distill spirits, there's no room at Salt Springs Brewery.

City staff reviewed the application and found no red flags. Taxes are up to date. Police Chief Jerrod Hart and Fire Chief Craig Hoeft reviewed the applications and noted there have been no complaints or reported violations. 



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