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 09/09/2019 - 15:28

Dispose of your unwanted household junk at Washtenaw County Cleanup Day, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 14, at Thomson Reuters Office Complex, 6300 Interfirst Drive, near the intersection of State and Textile roads.

The event is hosted by the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner and made possibly by Thomson Reuters, the Board of Public Works, Freedom Township and the City of Ann Arbor.

These events have traditionally drawn great interest and long lines are expected. Residents are asked to consider a minimum donation of $15 to support the event. 

In the past, people have arrived early for this event but, since this is being held at the location of a private business with employees working, people will not be allowed in before 9:45 a.m.

County residents can dispose of traditional recyclable materials, like glass, cardboard, plastic, paper and scrap metal. They can also dump old appliances, like refrigerators, dryers and air conditioners. Electronic waste, including televisions and computers, will be collected. Each resident can dump one electronic unit for free. A $10 donation is asked for each additional unit.

Household hazardous waste will also be taken. That includes paint, pesticides, cleaning supplies, oils and more. They will not accept liquids or solids in larger than a five-gallon container.

Bulky household items, like mattresses and furniture, will be accepted. Residents can also drop off up to four tires (not rims) at no cost. They are asking $15 for each additional tire.

Residents may also drop off drywall, wood, bricks and other construction and demolition waste. Garbage, driveway concrete, shingles and asphalt will not be accepted.

Residents should limit their loads in such a manner that their party can unload in 20 minutes time. Full trailers greater than eight feet long will not be permitted. Residents will have to unload their own waste.

For more information call 734-222-3950 or


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