DEQ Public Notice and Documents: Andelina Farms

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 01/15/2019 - 09:22

(Below is the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's public notice for a hearing on the proposed Andelina Farms development's discharge into a tributary of the Saline River. See all of the related documents in PDF form below the notice).


Date:                                   December 26, 2018

Permit No.:                          MI0060250

Designated Site Name:        Andelina Farms - Saline

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Water Resources Division (WRD), proposes to issue a permit to Saline Ventures for the Andelina Farms – Saline facility located west of Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan 48176.  The applicant collects municipal wastewater from the Andelina Farms – Saline residential community.  The applicant discharges treated municipal wastewater to an unnamed tributary of the Saline River.

This draft permit authorizes an increased loading of pollutants to an unnamed tributary of the Saline River, which will lower the water quality with respect to certain parameters.  The permitted discharge shall not cause an exceedance of water quality standards in the receiving water.  In accordance with R 323.1098 of the Part 4 Rules, Water Quality Standards, promulgated under Part 31, Water Resources Protection, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, the applicant submitted an Antidegradation Demonstration.  The WRD proposes that the applicant's Antidegradation Demonstration, based on information required by Subrule (4) of R 323.1098, shows that lowering of water quality is necessary to support the identified important social and economic development in the area.  This is solely for purposes of satisfying state water quality regulations and is not intended to supplant local requirements, including land use or zoning laws.  It is not, and should not be, construed as a finding by the WRD that the proposed development meets local requirements or ordinances.  In addition to the proposed permit, the WRD is proposing to accept the Antidegradation Demonstration as adequate.

Copies of the permit application, public notice, Antidegradation Demonstration, basis for decision memo, and draft permit may be obtained via the Internet at (select ‘Public Notice Search,’ enter the permit number or site name in the search field, and then click ‘Search’), or at the WRD's Jackson District Office located at 301 East Louis Glick Highway, Jackson, MI 49201-1535, telephone: 517-780-7690.

Persons wishing to submit comments or request a public hearing should go to, select ‘Public Notice Search,’ search for this public notice, click ‘View,’ click ‘Add Comment,’ enter information into the fields, and then click ‘Submit.’  Inquiries should be directed to Bradley Popovich, Permits Section, WRD, DEQ, P.O. Box 30458, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7958; telephone: 517-284-6656; or e-mail: [email protected].

Comments or objections to the draft permit and proposed decision regarding the Antidegradation Demonstration received by January 25, 2019, will be considered in the final decision to issue the permit. 


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