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 01/15/2019 - 00:11

The Pittsfield Fire Department will soon acquire a new fire truck following its recent support by the Pittsfield Charter Township Board of Trustees.

The proposed purchase, as introduced for a vote by trustee Gerald Krone, received unanimous approval during Wednesday’s board of trustees meeting.

According to Pittsfield Fire Chief Sean Gleason, the new fire department tanker will replace the department’s current aging vehicle.

“Our truck is 32-years-old,” Gleason said. “It was 1986 – the year before I graduated from high school.”

In 2017, the Pittsfield Township Fire Department submitted a successful application to the Federal Emergency Management Association for the Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant, providing the department with $450,000 to purchase a new vehicle. According to the FEMA grant, Pittsfield is required to meet a 10 percent match, which will not exceed $449,999. Gleason said their successful grant application was not the department’s first attempt to receive the needed funding.

“It was the third time applying for it before we finally got it, it’s very competitive,” he said.

The new vehicle will be purchased from HME Ahrens Fox, Inc., through Kodiak Emergency Vehicles, a statewide emergency vehicle dealer. Gleason said the vehicle will arrive within 270 days, following completion of final paperwork.

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