One of Saline's Water Towers Drained, Pressure May Be Lower

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 10/09/2019 - 00:51

City of Saline residents could experience lower water pressure because one of Saline's water towers was drained so the city could replace a malfunctioning valve.

The city had been receiving complaints from American Soy, one of the city's biggest water users, about sediments in the water. While investigating the issue, the city learned the Industrial Drive tower's mud valve would not open. Steve Wyzgoski, superintendent of the city's water and wastewater systems, said the city decided to do an emergency replacement of the valve. That required draining all 600,000 gallons from the tower, Wyzgoski told council.

The city has increased the speed of its pumps to help with water pressure.

"Water quality continues to be solid, but pressure is a bit of an issue," DPW Director Jeff Fordice told council.

Wyzogwski said the city can't fill the tank again until Friday.  Then the water has to be tested before the tower can come back on line.

Wyzgoski said the situation provides a good test of the water system ahead of next year's water tower painting project.

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