Pittsfield Board Tables New Gateway Sign, Approves Residential Rezoning Request for State Street Parcel

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 04/15/2019 - 12:37

A proposed mosaic gateway sign that would cost the township $27,000 was tabled by the Pittsfield Board of Trustees at the March meeting.

The 4-1 decision was made during trustees board meeting, with Treasurer Patricia Scribner casting the lone vote in favor of approving the purchase. Supervisor Mandy Grewal and Trustee Linda G. Edwards-Brown were absent and did not vote on the proposed purchase.

According to the proposal, the sign would have been located near the northwest corner of Lillie Park, near Ellsworth and Platt Roads. Costs for the sign would have been fully funded through general fund dollars and split between three companies: Signs by Crannie, Dexter Block and Teal Bird Designs.

The board’s decision followed a public comment made by Pittsfield resident Christina Lirones who questioned the sign’s cost.

“It’s unnecessary and extraordinarily expensive – I think we need to start to think in terms of wants versus needs,” Lirones said. “We’ve done away with things that we expect the township to provide and we’re spending $27,000 on an individual sign.”

Speaking near the end of the board meeting, Clerk Michelle L. Anzaldi said she did support existing gateway signs throughout the area.

“It’s my understanding that with most of our gateway signs, we have paid for them through donations so they have been less of a financial burden to the township than this one is,” said Anzaldi, “but I do think the gateway signs are important, I feel like it defines our community and it lets other people know about our wonderful community.”

The board also unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance to conditionally rezone three acres of land near State Road from agricultural to moderate density multiple-family residential land. The approved project, located at 6511 and 6527 South State Road, includes several site conditions, including preservation of existing wetland area on the site. According to the ordinance, other site conditions include allowing the project to have a maximum of 18 units, with each unit having a one or two car attached garage, and with each unit having a one- or two-story style with a first-floor garage entrance, first-floor front entrance and second-floor bathrooms.

Last November, the township planning commission postponed action on an earlier version of the proposed rezoning project, following public testimony about the project in question. An updated rezoning request was later unanimously approved by the planning commission in February, with the added conditions included. The rezoning application first approved by the board of trustees last week was met with no public comment in support or against the project.

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