Pittsfield Township Board Approves Improvement Plans for Montibeller Park

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 01/26/2020 - 01:40

Updated restrooms, a new pavilion site and several additional improvements to the Montibeller Park were approved by Pittsfield trustees last week.

The Pittsfield Township Board unanimously approved the contract agreement during Wednesday’s board of trustees meeting, authorizing the township in an agreement with Stantec Consulting for engineering design services at a cost not to exceed $148,250. The board’s decision follows a recommendation made by the township’s park commission earlier this month for the trustees to approve the park’s improvement plans.

A presentation prepared by Stantec Consulting was made before the board’s vote and informed the trustees of their many proposed improvements. According to the presentation, the park’s existing restroom building would receive several changes, including making the building compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The restroom building will receive new doors and frames, a new storage and janitorial closet, a new standing seam metal roof and replaced fixtures. A new brick paver seating area with picnic tables will be placed nearby the building.

An existing shelter area with picnic tables will be replaced with a pavilion structure near the entryway of the park. According to Stantec’s presentation, the 6,400 square-foot pavilion site will be a sheltered site with glass and aluminum overhead doors. The overhead doors will be able to slide up and down, allowing the site to be completely enclosed during the winter months. The pavilion site will include covered and open seating options, a fireplace, designated areas for grills, restrooms, and a store and janitorial closet.

Other improvements include installing 2,400 feet of a limestone path throughout the park, improvements made to both baseball fields, resurfacing the park’s tennis courts and the removal of an existing storage building. According to the presentation, Stantec prepares to finalize their designs by June, with plans for construction bidding to be made in July.

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