Saline Be Green Awards: Woodland Meadows Students Start 'Trash Club' To Clean School Yard

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 12/04/2017 - 15:37
The City of Saline honored the Woodland Meadows Elementary School trash Club. The students are Henry Fuhs, Johnny Ronayne, Toby Schreck, Isabel Urdangarin, Olivia Baratta and Emma Fraley, Kylie Marion was not present. In back are Saline Environmental Commission Vice Chair Bruce Westlake, Mayor Pro-Tem Linda TerHaar, Principal Michelle Szczechowicz and second grade teacher Mary Ledford.

The City of Saline honored citizens who are working to create a greener community at the Nov. 20 city council meeting.

Mayor Pro-Tem Linda Terhaar, Environmental Commission Chair Dennis Kittel and Vice Chair Bruce Westlake presented the environmentally-friendly citizens with the 2017 Saline Be Green Environmental Awards.

Today we feature the Woodland Meadows Elementary School Trash Club.

In the spring of 2017, on their own initiative, a group of Woodland Meadows Elementary School students formed a “trash club.” The club included Isabel Urdangarin, Toby Schreck, Olivia Baratta, John Ronayne, Kylie Marion, Henry Fuhs and Emma Fraly.

One of the group’s members provided gloves and trash bags for the club.

They picked up trash on the playground at recess several times during the spring. Some members also picked up trash on the way home from school. They met with Principal Michelle Szczechowicz to see if she had supplies they could use and to see if there were other projects they could try.


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