Saline City Council Adopts $20 million Capital Improvements Plan

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 06/21/2018 - 22:41

Saline City Council adopted a capital improvements plan at Monday’s meeting. This plan will guide improvements to city infrastructure and parks, acquisitions and other improvements between 2019-24.

In all, there are $20 million worth of projects identified in the plan – with almost $11 million of spending planned for 2019 and 2020. That includes nearly $4.2 million on the odor abatement project at the city’s wastewater treatment plan.

Included in the plan is $5.7 million in road improvements – which doesn’t include additional projects which would be funded if Saline voters approve a 1-mill tax in November.

“The Capital Improvement Plan is based on current funding. If the ballot proposal were to pass, the potential exists that projects would be bumped up or fast tracked. Additional revenue would also help prevent projects from being postponed,” Mayor Brian Marl said.

There aren’t a lot frilly purchases in the plan. In this regard, one item that stands out is the $250,000 splash pad that’s scheduled to be built at Tefft Park in fiscal year 2022. That expenditure already has already been debated by supporters and detractors on social media.

There are some routine purchases in the plan, including a little more than $40,000 each year for a police vehicle, $15,000 a year to maintain the Rentschler Farm Museum, $10,000 for city hall computers and equipment, $15,000 for cemetery improvements, or $65,000 to trade in an upgrade equipment at the Rec Center.

Here are some of the major and notable projects in the plan.


  • Odor abatement project at the wastewater treatment plant, $4,150,000.
  • Woodland Drive, from North Ann Arbor to Colony Drive. $160,000
  • Colony Drive, Waterworks to Colony Court, $123,000
  • Henry Street water tower rehab and painting, $125,000
  • North Ann Arbor water main, $200,000
  • Peoples Park tennis courts, $90,000.


  • Lighting upgrades and control censors at city hall, $50,000
  • DPW dump/salt truck, $195,000
  • DPW/Parks dump truck, $50,000
  • Improvements at Salt Springs Park, $150,000
  • Picnic shelter at Brecon Park, $25,000
  • Rec Center Parking lot, $90,000
  • Rec Center surveillance cameras, $20,000
  • North Industrial, US12 to Woodland Drive, $391,000
  • South Industrial, US12 to Bemis, $391,000
  • US12 sidewalk, Bridge to Austin Road, $170,000
  • Lexington Drive, Colony to Lexington Court, $130,000
  • Highland Drive, Mills to Bennett, $210,000
  • Raw water line to water treatment plant, $215,000
  • Green sand filter media for drinking water, $135,000
  • Concentrate pump station for drinking water, $100,000
  • Electric room upgrades for drinking water, $100,000
  • Maplewood lift station for Wastewater treatment, $120,000


  • DPW mowers, leaf collection equipment and pickup, $98,000
  • Rec Center Parking lot improvements, $77,000
  • City Bridge rehab project, $400,000
  • Mills Road reconstruction, Hollywood to Bennett, $500,000
  • Barnes Court, Industrial to west end, $120,000
  • Whittier Court, $200,000
  • Nichols Drive,  Wallace to Harris, $155,000
  • Replace reverse osmosis skid (drinking water), $730,000
  • Nichols Drive, Wallace to Harris (water), $120,000
  • Six Trails water loop replacement $179,000
  • Eastbelt Capacity sewer collection rebuild, $115,000


  • Tefft Park Splash pad, $250,000
  • Parking lot improvements at Rec Center, $87,000
  • East McKay, from Harris to Ann Arbor, $170,000
  • Woodland Drive, Davco to Textile, $385,000
  • Hollywood Drive, $200,000
  • Bassett Drive, Harper to Harris, $190,000
  • McKay Street, Ann Arbor to Lewis, $117,000


  • North Ann Arbor, Tower to the city limits, $480,000
  • Marlpool and Woodhill drive, $400,000
  • Transmain from the water treatment plant to Bennett, $202,400
  • UV lights and disinfecting units for the wastewater treatment plant, $225,000


  • Ann Arbor Street, Henry to Willis, $800,000.
  • Austin Drive, St. Andrew’s to the east end, $156,000.
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