Saline City Council Agenda for Jan. 7: State of the City, Land Sale and More

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 01/04/2019 - 00:13

Saline City Council meets for the first time of 2019 on Monday, Jan. 7.

All you council watchers, take note. City Council meetings now start at 7 p.m. - like most city meetings. There is no work meeting before the regular proceedings.

The meeting will begin with the swearing in of Mayor Brian Marl and Councilors Christen Mitchell, Dean Girbach and Janet Dillon.

Mayor Brian Marl will give his  State of the City speech (Join us at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday, for a live video interview with the Mayor about his speech and Saline in 2019).

New police officer Aaron Oliver will also be sworn in. Saline Main Street will present its new brand.

City council will vote on a real estate purchase and development agreement. The city is selling Lot 20A on Michigan Avenue for $817,500 to GBA Development, which plans restaurants and retail along Michigan Avenue and offices in back.

See the packet below for more information.

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